Our Approach

Your organization is more than a group of people working together. Each individual is unique and valuable. Available as one-on-one Individualized Executive Coaching or Professional Development for groups working collectively, we take a holistic approach to consulting, resulting in transformation for your organization from the inside out. We also offer consulting services and support in Entrepreneurial Education as an accessory to The Educational Secret: Cultivating Entrepreneurial Spirit in Our Youth.


We begin our coaching services by learning how your leaders and team members are currently interacting. By assessing the internal strengths, challenges, and needs of the individual, or team, we build a comprehensive coaching plan that focuses on the organization as a whole.


Often times an organization’s data – what’s in black in white – is not in full alignment with its vision and values. Developing a comprehensive coaching plan allows us to explore our options for closing the gap between the data and the vision.


By setting measurable, achievable goals based on the intentions identified through the coaching plan, your leaders and teams can begin to take action. Together, we follow the course created specifically to achieve organizational and personal goals, and produce transformational results.


We assess overall progress by periodically re-visiting the Alignment and Action phases, while providing ongoing support for adjusting the plan as needed. Successful coaching results in more effective and efficient leadership, and your organizations’ ability to effectively facilitate its own professional development moving forward.

Learn more about our Individualized Executive Coaching, Professional Development and Entrepreneurial Education, or contact us to talk about your organizations’ needs.